Casting Call for Silk Road Institute’s Professional Independent Production of The Rishta

Written by Uzma Jalaluddin

Please submit demo reels, headshots and resumes no later than Tues, Jan 24, 2023 at 11:59PM EST.

Casting Form

Only actors selected for auditions will be contacted. Selected actors will be asked to submit self tapes of a contemporary piece, in addition to the provided sides.

Please note: Auditions will be held in-person in Montreal (tentatively) on the 4th & 5th of February, 2023 (confirmed dates and location to be provided to selected candidates).

Rehearsals will take place from March 6th – 27th, 2023 with a two week performance run starting on March 30th.

Preference for candidates based in Montreal and/or Canada but we welcome non-Canadian applicants at this time as well.

Actors of South Asian and/or Muslim background are sought for the following roles:

SAMAH, early 20’s, South Asian and/or Muslim woman. Principal.

Samah is a hijab-wearing South Asian Muslim woman and visual artist, who is close to her family. Samah is keeping a lot of secrets from her parents.

BADRA, early 40’s, Arab and/or Muslim woman. Beginner-Intermediate Arabic. Principal.

Badra is an Egyptian-Canadian Matchmaker/stylist/fortune teller/esthetician/all-round hustler. Badra is well intentioned, but is also aware of the bottom line and is ultimately motivated by money.

ARIFA, late 40’s, South Asian and/or Muslim woman. Speaks Urdu. Principal.

Arifa is Samah’s mom, a traditional and upstanding community figure. Has high expectations for her children, and feels pressure to perform a role she does not entirely embody.

JAMAL, late 40’s, South Asian and/or Muslim man. Speaks Urdu. Principal.

Jamal is Samah’s father and a more reserved and quieter person, and highly successful business owner and pillar of the community.

KAMRAN, late 20’s, South Asian and/or Muslim man. Principal.

Samah’s older brother, knows everyone’s story but doesn’t to get involved as what he sees as his mother and sister’s schemes. Very protective of Samah.

Male Suitor, late 20s, South Asian and/or Muslim man.

Takes on the role of multiple suitors.

Two South Asian and/or Muslim women, late 40s, Speak Urdu.

Take on the role of grandparent(s)


Using clever, humorous dialogue and cultural references across diverse Muslim backgrounds, Uzma Jalaluddin’s play centers around the story of a young South Asian woman, Samah, who has fallen in love with a Moroccan man, Hussain. Convinced that her parents will not allow for an intercultural marriage, Samah employs the help of a rambunctious and enterprising matchmaker, Badra, to introduce Samah’s family to a few terrible suitors in order for them to eventually be dazzled and charmed by the last one, Hussain. What ensues is a hilarious sequence of events where each family member strikes a separate and private deal with Badra, hoping for a very different outcome at the end of the meetings with all potential suitors.