The 150 Patron Circle

Since its founding in 2013, the Silk Road Institute has showcased the artistic and cultural narratives of Muslim Canadians and Canada’s under-represented communities.

Thanks to you, we’ve come a long way since then. That dream has become a reality, and today, our unique mix of musical performances, speaker events, author discussions, and artistic workshops, are part of the Montreal cultural landscape.

This year, as we celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re expanding our portfolio further by growing the scale and reach of our events, launching Canada’s first arts bursary program for Muslim Canadian students, and launching our unique events in the city of Toronto.

We’ve managed to do all this with your continued support, and the dedication of our all-volunteer staff.


What is the 150 Patron Circle?

We believe that in challenging times, art can build bridges and create a path of shared humanity. As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary, we believe the time has come for a permanent institution that will promote Muslim Canadian artistic and cultural narratives.

To realize this vision, we’re inviting 150 visionaries to join our 150 Patron Circle. Together with your support, we will expand our organizational capacity, launch new projects to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, create more programs to support young artists, and continue to engage with the media to ensure that your voice and the voices of Muslim Canadian artists are part of Canada’s cultural landscape.



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How your support will realize this vision

This year, we’re asking our community to help build a permanent home for Muslim Canadian art and artists through our 150 Patron Circle. These 150 patrons and visionaries will enable us to make the next leap forward.


Where your contributions will go

While the Silk Road Institute relies on grants to fund some of its programming, most federal, provincial, and municipal grants do not support our bursary programs, staff members, office space, or other day-to-day expenses. Your contributions to the 150 Patron program will enable us to:

•    Hire a part-time staff member to expand the frequency, scale, and reach of our events.
•    Hire a part-time staff member to assist with grant applications, significantly increasing the number of grants we can apply to, and in turn, expand our events and programming.
•    Expand our Creative Arts Bursary program for young Muslim artists in Quebec and Ontario.
•    Expand our media work through video productions and podcasts.


The Silk Road Institute … as featured on CBC Arts

Become a Silk Road Patron

As Canada embarks on the next chapter of its collective journey, the time has come for Muslim Canadians to be part of this new developing cultural landscape. Through your vision and your continued support, that dream can become a reality.











Patron of the Arts Wall

GOLD    Eman and Mohamed Aly       SILVER     Asim Baig and Aisha Khan     Nadia Dal     Haissam Dahhan     Asma Regragui

Khaled Shaheen     Anjum Sultana       BRONZE       Nada Al-Qaysi       Sarah Benmaza        Aslam Bulbulia       Samaa Elibyari

Manar Ghamian    Alexandre Guilbaud     Zain Haneef     Mohamed Hamad     Dalia Hashim     Samir Khan and Haniya Sheikh

Ehab Lotayef       Hanif Miskin      Marium Mohiuddin      Muaz Nasir and Afeefa Karim      Urooj Nizami and Elliot Montpellier

Saba Qureshi       Aya Salah    Junaid Subhan    Dania Suleman    H Masud Taj     Anonymous Donor